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Charter a submarine for marine biology & archeology studies, subsea documentary, video productions, TV Commercial Productions and motion picture filming. Proven submarine platforms with over 12 years of operational experience in the field.

Two Submarines are Available for Worldwide Charter Along with Highly Skilled Crews.

Kokes Marine's 48 foot, Diesel / Electric Submarines are based on the previous success of the RS Class Design. The RS Submarine fleet is available for worldwide charter to the offshore marine industry, research centers and qualified naval forces located in the U.S. and abroad.


Our Research Submarines (conventionally powered) are deployed directly from the pier with up to six personnel onboard (engineers, scientists, corporate planners) and arrive at the dive-site under independent power. Operations are conducted without the need of large and expensive DP support ships, reducing both cost and weather related delays associated with deployment and retrieval protocols. The RS Class submarines are capable of navigating over 400 nautical miles either on the surface or submerged in the snorkel mode. View a summary of RS-1 Specifications or RS-2 Specifications.

Under aggressive conditions (up to Sea State 6*) the submarines can dive to avoid turbulence altogether. Submerged autonomy is up to five days** allowing the RS Submarines to complete projects with little sensitivity to weather. The spacious pressure hull provides comfortable accommodations for up to six personnel, with a full galley, head and sleeping quarters as additional amenities.

Additional hull sections may be added to accommodate a myriad of custom requirements, including diver lock-out, diver support, ROV deployment, additional batteries, fuel cells and proprietary closed cycle diesel technologies or AIP (Air Independent Propulsion) system. These systems may be used to extend the vessel's submerged endurance.

The RS Submarines are designed for many long range / large area applications including:


  • Inspections of pipelines, power and communications cables
  • Precision seafloor mapping for cable, pipe-route and Hydrographic surveys
  • Logistical support for cable, pipeline and submerged structure installations
  • Survey of well and dumping sites for environmentally critical wastes
  • Preparation and performance of salvage operations
  • Covert harbor, coastline and offshore structure monitoring and security
  • Documentary Filmmaking and Motion Picture Productions
  • HD Video Productions and TV Commercial Production
  • New system testing / proving before the installation on military vessels
  • Naval sonar practices and ASW exercises


  • Marine Biology
  • Marine Archeology
  • Eco-System Monitoring
  • Sub Sea Technologies
  • Marine Habitat Studies
  • Migration Studies

Our submarines can be custom fitted to your projects specific needs and may be bareboat chartered, rented or leased to qualified agencies.
**Please call us at (732) 730-1500 for endurance and project capability details.

The Manhattan New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia area video production services company Aurora Coast Productions has exclusive agency privileges to film all RS submarine multimedia and corporate communications. We recommend that you visit their website for more information.