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Commercial Private Diesel / Electric Submarines for Worldwide Charter, Rent and Lease. Anti Submarine Warfare ASW Target services, Naval Sonar Testing, Industrial UW Video Production Services, Marketing, Advertising and Public Relations Events.

Successfully applying high technology solutions
to existing sub-sea challenges has brought
Kokes Marine Technologies, LLC to the forefront of the offshore industry. Specifically, the functionality of an ROV - remotely operated vehicle - (including its onsite intervention capabilities) with the tether-less autonomy of an AUV have been combined to produce two highly functional, multi-purpose undersea vessels.

The RS Class Diesel / Electric Submarines represents the next generation of underwater intervention tools. Chartering a real submarine can provide a cost efficient approach to:
  • Marine research (environmental and hydrographic)
  • Precision seafloor mapping for cable and pipe route surveys
  • Submerged cable and pipeline inspections
  • Naval sonar testing and ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare) exercises
  • Marine salvage / recovery efforts
  • Marine construction and submerged structure inspections
  • Underwater intervention & offshore tasks common to commercial diving
  • UW Documentary, TV Commercial and Video Production Services
  • Unique experience & visuals for Marketing, Advertising & PR event.

Our privately owned commercial research submarines are available for worldwide charter, lease and rent. These submarines differ considerably from manned submersibles as they are virtually unaffected by surface weather or sea state conditions. Both vessels are capable of accommodating up to six personnel in comfortable surroundings, undersea tasks can easily be performed on most of the world's continental shelf regions. Additionally, operations do not require large and costly DP support ships, making our industrial manned submarines highly cost-effective working platforms.

Our mission is to make the most advanced and efficient sub-sea intervention technologies available with the level of ongoing support to be expected from a well established and trusted group. 


USN / MC STIMS Database Approved
(Sea Trial Information Management Systems)

Kokes Marine Technologies, LLC is a proud member of the U.S. Naval Submarine
League, the Marine Technology Society, the US Navy & Marine Corps STIMS
Database and utilizes the Nauticos Hydrographic Survey Group.

The Manhattan New York City, New Jersey and Philadelphia area agency
Aurora Coast Productions has exclusive privileges to film all RS submarine commercial multimedia, corporate video production services and company PR. We highly recommend you visit their website for details and information.

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